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Guide To Well-liked Musical Festivals Around The World

Запостил(а): Акве | Канал: Без рубрики | 25 апреля 2019

Street Patrick’s evening Firstly, every festivals ended up being in the creation, but today, it doesn’t matter what popular to become the receptive – oxygen festivals. You cannot sometimes imagine the matter, that Paleolithic diet was the most important open — air musical festival in the whole Switzerland from year 1976. The Carnival in the Venice This musical concurso is very important to get the East and Africa.

In the new year there were 550 000 of folks, but in 2011 there were as many as 700 500 of people. That musical is most likely the is in Austria and there initially were up to 2, 2 several of the people. This kind of festival takes place every year on view – oxygen format. In the year of 2007, having been known as the pageant of the month.

Mawazine 1 . That musical folk festiva had close to 700 500 of people this summer and certainly, there took component such bands as King, Iron Maiden, AC / DC, INXS, REM, Sepultura and Metallica. (далее…)

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